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If AIDS Never Happened…

Would we have a Gay President?
What if Mapplethorpe got into a Twitter feud with a Kardashian?
What would David Wojnarowicz do about the gay executions in the Middle East?

These are the kinds of questions Fathers will explore with integrity, humor and history. Using computer-generated imagery, historical and live-action footage, and staged news reports, Fathers will imagine the influence of our lost generation. New biographies will been written with the consultation of GLBT history scholars, art scholars, performers, survivors, artists, friends, lovers, and family of the men featured. The “documentary” will tell a story that touches upon our culture of celebrity, global LGBT injustices and HIV stigma.

“The tools we have to combat HIV will give us the privilege of keeping our queer artists, but the injustices of AIDS should always live in our collective memory and, more importantly, in our imagination. It’s the only way that we can find creative cures to the damage it caused to our culture and harness the power it gave our community to join against political forces that threatened our lives, now more than ever.” – Leo Herrera